Scouts – Expedition Pt.2

After munching their way through all of the bacon (including the leaders), the scouts took down the tents and got ready for their departure Despite a twisted ankle they still managed to keep a pace of 4km/h and arrived early…

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Scouts – Expedition Pt.1

After setting off the group set a blistering pace of 5km/h and arrived at the lunch stop ahead of time At lunch we held them back for an extra 20 minutes but they still arrived at the campsite early having…

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Laser ESSU – SUP Boarding

Laser ESSU is taking part in the summer water programme and went Stand Up Paddle boarding and sailing on Tuesday evening..

Laser ESSU – Pioneering at Pikes Pool

Night two of pioneering, with an upgraded bridge and some catapults to defend themselves in the water balloon war #pioneering #catapult #creative #laseressu #explorers #tsa

Activity Badge Work

The scout section recently rotated through four bases over a month, on offer was the communicator badge (including making a morse code kit), Naming parts of a boat (and how to rig it), Navigation and finally sweet making and cake…

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