SIGN of the Times

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Welcome to blog numero uno, or should I say right index finger. 

This week, two of our scouts wanted to pass on something that they have been learning during lockdown: British Sign Language. It can be very tricky and daunting running an activity at a virtual scout meeting, but some people are just naturals. 

Both well prepared and enthusiastic, they taught us the alphabet, hello, goodbye & thank you. They even set some homework for their fellow scouts – practise signing “Hello my name is…” 

It just goes to show you do indeed learn something every day. WELL DONE and THANK YOU both, we had endless positive feedback.

Following the theme set around the Communicator Activity Badge, we played pass the parcel semaphore style. The rules were very simple, you pass the parcel by signalling who you want to pass it to using semaphore. The scouts especially enjoyed watching their leader signalling for attention, and being able to continue our traditionally water based activities even though we cannot meet in-person.

What will be seen in the weeks to come? Will you be asking your parents “what’s for dinner?” using sign language? Are you going to be using flags to get your neighbours attention?