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All we need is Morph

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For those of you who are not old enough, Morph (on the left) started life as Tony Harts assistant in a show called ‘Take Hart’ way back in 1977. What does that have to do with this blog? It is linked trust me!

Tony Hart used to create art on the show and a feature of the show was the viewers gallery, this is where we get to the link. On Wednesdays scout conference call Michael did a great impression of Tony Hart and did an online drawing session with the scouts. It was impressive to watch and the concentration was in abundance.

With an overhead camera Michael set off on creating a sketched ‘camp group’ scene, complete with Kayak, archery boss, tent and camp fire. He went through how to sketch each piece in detail and then to put them all together. All with the use of an overhead camera and a steady hand.

It was wrapped up with a game of play your cards right, the loser having to leave the call. Sadly the scouts didn’t remember the line ‘You don’t get anything for a pair, not in this game’

In readiness

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We’ve had an update from the Scout Association that MAY see some of the restrictions eased over the next few months. So with that in mind we’ve started to ready the fleet of new Laser Pico boats that our GSL acquired prior to the lockdown with some grant money we’d been awarded.

As part of the refresh all of the boats rigging is being replaced so that all of picos will have identical rope work, making it easier to rig and sail. It will also help with instruction on the water with commands like ‘pull the yellow rope’. Safety checks are also being done so we’re fully compliant.

Next stop will be to re-write all of the risk assessments. Oh it’s so much fun!

Which Service Do You Require?

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Last week we crowned our four patrol racing champions in the sequel to our Mario Kart competition. Let’s just say that scouts can be very competitive when it comes to being the fastest Italian plumber on a go kart.

The scouts discussed three things that we were missing or finding difficult during lockdown and three things we are finding enjoyment from. What are your Three For 3?

Following on from last week, we have revisited the Emergency Aid Staged Badge. We learnt how to call 999 and what questions we would likely be asked. Further developing our First Aid knowledge, we learnt how to help people who have or are having:

  • Heart Attack
  • Head Injury
  • Seizure
  • Stroke