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Which Service Do You Require?

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Last week we crowned our four patrol racing champions in the sequel to our Mario Kart competition. Let’s just say that scouts can be very competitive when it comes to being the fastest Italian plumber on a go kart.

The scouts discussed three things that we were missing or finding difficult during lockdown and three things we are finding enjoyment from. What are your Three For 3?

Following on from last week, we have revisited the Emergency Aid Staged Badge. We learnt how to call 999 and what questions we would likely be asked. Further developing our First Aid knowledge, we learnt how to help people who have or are having:

  • Heart Attack
  • Head Injury
  • Seizure
  • Stroke

A Life Lived Virtually

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As we live through these unprecedented times, we have all become hybrid scouts – no we are not a Toyota Yaris (other car brands are available); we have used our scout values to develop a weekly program and become virtual scouts whilst continuing day-to-day life as best we can.

After unfortunately having to stop face-to-face meetings, we couldn’t just leave the boat moored until the resumption of meetings at the hut, oh no. Scouting lives on, through the means of video meetings. The program has been adapted for our virtual meetings but continues to be adventurous and entertaining for all.

I think we can all agree, we have had to rapidly develop tech skills we didn’t know we had.

We are glad that the scouts and leaders are enjoying catching-up with each other every week, and that we have games, activities and badgework we can take part in as part of our #HomeScouting program. 

What have we done during our virtual scout nights; I hear you ask? Well how long have you got?

We have learnt how to tie the six basic knots: clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline, round turn to half hitches, figure of eight & reef knot. These will prepare us for our next sailing season and help us to correctly tie things in everyday life. The scouts were set a challenge to tie a knot using the most unusual item, which brought back some interesting results.

We consulted our scouting experts in a troop forum to get some ideas for how they want scouting to be during lockdown. 

As you may know scouts can be very competitive, this was certainly shown when we held our first ever Mario Kart competition. The winning scout raced off against the leaders; it is a good job that we don’t drive like that in real life, watch out for a rouge banana skin on your way to work.

As scouts we are very proud of what our NHS and Key Workers are doing for us, that is why we clapped for our carers in full uniform. #ScoutsClapforourCarers

Also to keep with tradition, on St George’s Day we renewed our scout promises.

A virtual camp, what more needs to be said? With the same energetic scout camp activities and the same feeling that your batteries have ran out, but with the added benefit that you can log off at the end of the night. A game of guess who anyone? Followed by a live campfire from the leader’s garden and some good old campfire stories. P.S. has anybody seen Cecil.

I have to say one of my favourite nights was our speed quiz. Although our quiz master had misplaced his sparkly jacket, we had fun answering both the general knowledge and scouting questions.

Our scouts have kept busy during lockdown; not only have they had weekly Task Master Challenges, they have completed badgework for:

  • Personal Challenge
  • Nautical Skills
  • Pioneer
  • Digital Citizen
  • Outdoors Challenge
  • Expedition Challenge
  • Physical Recreation
  • Sports Enthusiast
  • World Challenge
  • Nights Away
  • Forward 2020 (District Badge)
  • Communicator

We have done these activities and much, much more!

A big thank you to whoever created computer technology.

Finally, well done to you for making it this far down the blog.

What’s on next week? You’ll have to find out.

SIGN of the Times

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Welcome to blog numero uno, or should I say right index finger. 

This week, two of our scouts wanted to pass on something that they have been learning during lockdown: British Sign Language. It can be very tricky and daunting running an activity at a virtual scout meeting, but some people are just naturals. 

Both well prepared and enthusiastic, they taught us the alphabet, hello, goodbye & thank you. They even set some homework for their fellow scouts – practise signing “Hello my name is…” 

It just goes to show you do indeed learn something every day. WELL DONE and THANK YOU both, we had endless positive feedback.

Following the theme set around the Communicator Activity Badge, we played pass the parcel semaphore style. The rules were very simple, you pass the parcel by signalling who you want to pass it to using semaphore. The scouts especially enjoyed watching their leader signalling for attention, and being able to continue our traditionally water based activities even though we cannot meet in-person.

What will be seen in the weeks to come? Will you be asking your parents “what’s for dinner?” using sign language? Are you going to be using flags to get your neighbours attention?